Legalise it

i used to smoke a lot of pot but never caught in possession,
till it was brought to attention that it was causing depression,
the sort of obsession i reckon put these thoughts in the melon,
of awful oppression so please just let me pause for a second,
my raps are never short of confessions,
and it's my form of expression i'm never forcin' aggression,
just like a teacher when they hear a student talk in the lesson,
ignoring the questions and now they're in a boring detention,
the more that i mention the topic of chronic,
it reminds me of the times i said i'd promise to stop it,
was it ironic i wanted the cheese like wallace and gromit,
all though it didn't make me happy but the opposite of it,
living anti socially back when i was overly,
smoking weed just to go to sleep when nobody was close to me,
and totally alone and weak but hoping to live soberly,
cause so to speak i don't believe that's what life is suppose to be.

it was bringing me a load of anger,
wasting my days away smoking ganja,
when i wasn't keen on getting a job,
smoking a lot of weed and thinking that i never would stop.

my life wasn't going well so i had to clearly change it,
because i was smoking joints till the point i would really hate it,
when i was severely jaded and it pains to hear me say it,
now i'm looking back in time and seeing all the years be wasted,
visioning when i would sit at home with no concern,
because i chose to smoke the herb and drink a load of kronenbergs,
i was supposed to go to work but i weren't coping,
i was smoking cause i'm bored and i was bored because i'm smoking,
like i was stuck in some traffic and it's nothing but savage,
and has this fucking drug habit already done enough damage,
to each and every last brain cell,
i couldn't stay well so i had to quit it to regain health,
i was feeling deeper than the bay of bengal,
preventing me from exceeding my great potential,
but i'm still gunna keep reaching no matter the situation,
though weed is easy to get i will have to resist temptation.