cause money is the source of course to feel forced,
into gamblin' it all for just a little more,
or blowin it on things you couldn't afford before,
should of took a second thought now your change is short,
you've been workin all day deserve to earn a full wage,
when actually truth in reality the faculty will happily,
tax that cash from your salary,
even if your just tryna provide for your families,
like thats the way it has to be,
and if you cheat the system you will get charged like batteries,
you really think the money your donatin' goes to charity,
its sad to see them try and bring us down like gravity,
thats another reason to hate politics,
they treatin' us like hostages dont wanna see us positive,
in fact its quite the opposite i don't know why they want to live,
a life where they all contradict the truth and for what it is.

so now im hopin' that you do agree,
they don't wanna see unity from you to me from 2 to 3,
or all of the community its really nothin' new to me,
refuse to be one who belives a stupid piece of news ya read,
usually please listen to the words,
that i've written in the verse i'm on a mission to be heard,
i got the vision of a bird when things are hidden in the dirt,
so don't try fibbin' its absurd,
i prefer the preachers who will speak the truth it's something we all need to do,
so each of you who like to lie must know that there's no reason to,
so keep it true to yourself and stop lyin',
not buyin' what i'm seein' whenever i read the news,
but i'm sick of reading stories of killings,
makes me wonder what kind of fucked up world do i live in,
i'm not kiddin' when i say i disagree with it,
because there really isn't any fuckin' need for it.

most of what you've heard is fiction so deter the system,
and learn to listen to my words of wisdom,
but hey i'm just only keepin' the peace,
theres no reason to beef i wish you people would see,
like me because i got eagle eyes,
so i always can see thorugh any peoples lies,
can't we all try to live a peaceful life,
and it would be alright and,
equal rights is something that i will support,
no matter how i preach i'm still ignored,
this life i live's hell and its filled with war,
where they kill the poor and kill the rich,
and they wanna stick it on the fags like a filter tip,
when they've done nothin' to you so just chill a bit,
why can't we all just get along and build a bridge,
makes me wonder if i really have the will to live.

its proven that most things you see are illusions,
followed by government delusion hatin' on the movements,
we make so whats the solution,
start a revolution and bring it to a conclusion.