i used to have people hasseling askin' me whats happening,
till they threw me out of their circle like a javelin,
then challengin' and battlein' myself i wasn't managin',
and thats a thing that hasn't been preventin' me from panicin',
i wouldn't dare to speak on their beliefs as no one cared for me,
where it seemed findin' real friends to share would be a rarity,
and i didn't want air to breathe i couldn't bare to keep,
livin' within this cruel world i really was prepered to leave,
it was a mess bullys gettin' me stressed,
and yes i confess it made me feel depressed,
i guess they didn't care less it made them impressed,
obsessed about death instead of livin' to the best,
it's kind of deep just like the sea to live in this society,
that's not been nice to me where minors beefs turned into rivalries,
if i received a time machine i'd delete all the violent scenes,
and live a life of peace finally without this anxiety.

my friends turned foe and i don't know why,
lost my pride so much pain inside,
if you don't give a fuck about me while i'm alive,
don't you dare pretend like you care when i die.

attendin' secondary as a pupil was brutal,
i got picked on so much i had too move to new schools,
abused all the time till i didn't feel useful,
to no one and that is me just bein' truthful,
i can't lie it was hard time,
everybody around me tryna start fights,
and i regret everyone i've had cause i fuckin' hate violence,
wishin' that i'd just stayed silent,
and i was gettin' betrayed by friends man i never wanted that,
all the time i wasted on them wishin' that i got it back,
but its cool cause i don't wanna hold grudges,
i'm too focused and ahead of them to deal with old rubbish,
i just wanna move on with my life now ok?,
am i gunna stop because you said so? no way,
i'm gunna keep going no matter what you say now,
cause i was hearing worse every day round the play ground.